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Hmm If I Have Any Suggestions, My Only Suggestion Would Be To Widen The Area Of The Recording If You Can, So The Viewers Can See A Bit More Of The Canvas As The Video Plays, As Is It Feels Kind Of Claustrophobic With How Small Of An Area The Viewer Can See. But Art Wise I Have ZERO Complaints. This Is Great.

Artrazor responds:

Thanks a bunch and it sadly how the video records it is on a phone im doing this all on i could fill the screen up but as you said it is claustrophobic so sadly i cant do much im hoping to save up and try a art tablet for my laptop ...but i didnt expect this to find this on newground's "new movies"

Hmmm Potential, I Would Suggest Maybe Focusing On Shorter Animations So That You Can Focus Double Down On The Details Art Wise. You Got That Sound Sync Down Perfect. I Guess What I Mean Is Focus On One Scene At A Time, Finish Each Scene, And Then Splice Them Together. Such As The First Scene I Would Split This Into Is When The First Guy Turns Around And Taunts, The Second Scene Would Start After The Taunt. All In All This Works Great As A Framework To Expand On. Keep Up The Work

Mark-Lamot responds:

Hmm, I never thought about that. Thanks a plenty man, I have a few more projects in the works so I can't wait to put my new skills to the test :)

I Love This. The Zero Narrative Telling Story Through Nothing But The Artwork And The Guitar Playing, Love It. Like The Little "Sister Looks Annoyingly At The Sound Waves At The Wall At Night" Scene And The Very Next Image Is Him Still Playing But With Headphones On. Just That Those Two Images Right There Tell That She Came Over Complained About The Music That Night And He Plugged In Headphones So Not To Disturb Her. We Don't See That. We See None Of That. But We Don't Feel Left Out. We Can Tell Exactly What Happened. Just, Umph, That's The Good Animation Stuff.

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Kinda Lack Luster. The Theme For The Games Seem To Be Find The ONE Object You Can Click On, Or In This Game's Case, One Out Of The Two Objects, And Then Just Repeatedly Click On It Until Something Happens. Less Of A Progression More Of A Open Close Open Close Open Close Ooop Game Decided You Reopened The Same Close Up Enough Now You Can Find The Next Object To Open And Close.

Its Good, Until You Get To The Second Egyptian Box. Main Problem Is The Sliding Tile Puzzle Is Very Buggy. Can Solve It But No Matter How Many Times I Reload And Resolve The Puzzle It Wont Give Me The Buttons Needed To Solve The Rest Of The Box. Also Some Tile Can Move Diagonally. Bottom Middle To Middle Right And Center To Top Left For Some Examples Tho Only Certain Tiles Trigger It. The Tile With The Tip Of The Beak Can Be Moved From The Bottom Middle To The Middle Right Slots. Which May Be Interfering With The Puzzle Registering That Its Solved, Even When Done Legit Without The Diagonal Movement Glitch.

DiemonX responds:

Hello and thank u for feedback.Sorry but i tried to repeat this glitch by your description but puzzle working as should.Maybe you can send me screenshot or something?

Good Game, Main Difficulty Spike Is The Initial Try And First 3 Or 4 Waves. Once I Figured Out 1 Or 2 Things I Got Major Surplus Of Food. Safe To Safe I Beat The Game Since There Is No Real End Game But The Difficulty Stops Rising. Was Fun, Controls Were Nice Though Wish There Was A Way To Decide Who In Your Konga Line Goes To What You Are Assigning Someone Too. Music Was A Really Mellow Beat

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